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June 20, 2014

Thomas Viaduct & Relay, MD Photos 2012 to Present

  I went back winter of 2012 and took some
  shots for "then & now" comparisons in the
  historic photo sections of my blog. While
  I was there I took several miscellaneous photos.
  The following 6 photos were taken in March 
  of 2012:

**Click On Any Photograph To Enlarge It**

Relay end of the bridge at River Rd.  March 2012.

Relay end of the bridge. March, 2012.

Bridge through the trees from the old access road.  
March 2012.

   One of the pedestals that supports the decorative stones as well as
the old walkway on the north side of the bridge.  It looks just a bit
dangerous, don't ya think?  Photo taken March 2012.

The first arch at the Elkridge end of the bridge. Photo taken
March 11, 2012.

A close-up of the pier pedestal from the above photo.
March 11, 2012.


 I decided to go back in July 2012 to take some
    photos while  the trees & shrubs were leafed-out
     during the growing season. I hadn't taken photos
 there later than mid-spring before.

Relay end of the bridge at River Road. July 2012.

A zoomed perspective from the same position. July 2012.

A vertical photo from the same position.
July 2012.

Another vertical. This one is from the
edge of the road. July 2012.

I stepped over the guard rail at River Road for this one.
July 2012.

Taken from the same position as above. July 2012.

Bridge pier adjoining the abutment at River Road. There
  is a young tree growing out of the space where the mortar
is missing. July 2012.

The same pier left foreground. The young 
tree is at center left. July 2012.

West side of the bridge from River Road. July 2012.

The first span at the Relay end of the bridge with River
Road passing underneath. July 2012.

Weat side at the Relay end where the bridge disappears
into the trees. July 2012.

West side from River road. July 2012.

A closer shot.

Taken from the Relay end on the old access road leading
up to track level. July 2012.

Relay end at track level with the Patapsco River passing
under the bridge in the background. July 2012.

The Washington Branch tracks passing over the bridge
towards Elkridge. July 2012.

 Standing in the middle of the Washington Branch tracks at
 the Viaduct Hotel site. There were passenger platforms on
both sides of the tracks over 60 years ago. July 2012.

This is the decorative end-stone from the Relay end of the 
bridge. It fell off of the bridge due to erosion of the hill side
     many years ago and sat half sunken into the ground probably
   more than 20 years. This thing is huge. About 4 feet square
        and almost 2 feet thick. It must weigh 500-1000 lbs. It was dug
  up at the base of the bridge a few feet from River Road and
somehow transported up to track level and dumped at the
       tracks half-way between the Relay House and the old Viaduct
Hotel site.

This is where it was dumped sometime between Spring
    2011 and early winter 2012. The Relay House is about 50
yards ahead. Strange.

The first span of the bridge on the Elkridge side with
Levering Avenue passing underneath. July 2012.

The bridge abutment at the Elkridge end. July 2012.

  Taken from the staircase on the 
    Elkridge end of the bridge. Notice
   the vegetation growing out of the
stones.  July 2012.

A zoomed shot.

    The bridge looks more like it's running through a Cambodian
    rain forest than crossing a small river in Maryland.


Elkridge end of the bridge. Photo by Jeff L. April 2014.

Original iron railing with gravel ballast piled up against it. Photo by Jeff L. April 2014.

Looking up about 40 feet. Photo by Jeff L. 03-31-2018.

Same pier as before. Photo by Jeff L. 03-31-2018

And again showing English Ivy growing up the side. Photo by Jeff L. 03-31-2018.

West side of the bridge looking towards Relay.. The outer curve is in shadow from the morning sun. Photo by Jeff L. 03-31-2018.

Elkridge end of the bridge with retaining walls and the staircase in the background. Photo by Jeff L. 03-31-2018.

CSX locomotive heading south over the viaduct from Relay. Photo by Jeff L. 03-31-2018.

 And a couple of seconds later. Photo by Jeff L. 03-31-2018.

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